Old Friends Pop Up

Posted on October 31, 2021 by psu

Our old friends from the Thin Man sandwich shop did a popup today in the space that Black Radish uses as a catering kitchen. Thin Man closed in 2017, a casualty of skyrocketing rents in the Strip District. But while they were open they were easily doing some of the best sandwiches in town.

Their signature eponymous sandwich, the Thin Man, is a thick schmear of a great chicken liver mousse, endive, and bacon on a crusty roll:

Today they also had a spicy Vietnamese style beef meatball sub, that was great.

Anyway. I post this just as an extended shout out that does not fit well into our currently shitty social media channels. And also to point out that I realized at this event that in my earlier missive about perfect sandwiches I had left Thin Man off the list. And I should not have. Their stuff is great, and as good as I’ve ever had. Though the bread might be a bit too fancy. And don’t sleep on the chicken liver mousse. Get thee to the next popup and get some, if you can.