Hello. Mutable States is my web site about my general state of mind. It’s also a way to troll certain people who are enamored of programming models that have no mutable state, but that’s for another time.

There is nothing particularly exciting or novel about this site. When I have things on my mind I’ll write them down here. The pages here are either unique to this place, or are collected and revised versions of older content.

Most of the older content comes from the long running mostly dual- but sometimes multi-authored weblog that you never head of: tleaves. Pete and I spent several years ranting and raving about various things there.

A second set of older content comes from a blogger site that I set up to journal my descent into astrophotography addiction. This was called A Telescope in the City, a title that I still like. Once I get the content here I might make a second site to keep that name around. I’m not sure.

Why make a special online place for this? First, I am fortunate enough to be able to afford the web hosting required to do it. Second, hosting this kind of content on the current “social” media or other corporate publishing services is a unique modern hellscape that one should avoid if possible. Third, as of 2021 this site is really a somewhat elaborate computer program that generates all the pages using the Hakyll content engine, which is implemented in Haskell. This is the nerdiest thing I’ve done in ten years. If you are curious and like reading bad CSS code, you can do so here.

Another nice side effect of the site being static is that there will be no comments. If you know me, you can send me e-mail or a message on various social networking sites. If you don’t know me it’s no big loss.

Read the original Introduction.

Read the page that marks the change to Hakyll.