Dave and Andy's for Dinner

Posted on March 5, 2024 by psu

It was about 75 degrees fahrenheit in Pittsburgh today, which means it was time to go to Dave and Andy’s to get dinner.

Dave and Andy’s is a venerable ice cream store that sits in the neighborhood that also holds the the campus of the University of Pittsburgh. They opened sometime in the mid 80s when I was an undergraduate at nearby Carnegie Mellon and so it was a fixture of the hot days in the summer. We’d venture down when it cooled off a bit in the evening, after doing our summer work study jobs, and get a (then) new-fangled waffle cone and ice cream with m&m’s, or Reese’s cups smashed into it. They made heavy creamy ice cream, often with fruit that they got on discount from the Strip district. It was great.

At some point after moving back to Pittsburgh we made an informal tradition of getting to Dave and Andy’s as early in the spring as possible. Eventually the rule became this: the first day it was warm enough to walk from CMU to Dave and Andy’s in short sleeves with no jacket, we would get Dave and Andy’s for dinner. And sometimes a hot dog at the O (RIP) for “dessert.”

We’ve kept this up at least since the early years of the 21st century. And so tonight we went again.

It's 75F in Pittsburgh today and all the students are out on the lawn in front of the Pitt library.

the wall at dave and andy's with the logo on it

Then we got some Chinese savory grilled crepes (jian bing) for dessert.