Things You Need to Cook, Addendum

Posted on November 7, 2005 by psu

Earlier, I made a short list of everything that you really need to cook. At this time, I need to add one small item. In addition to the stuff I that I listed earlier, you should head over to the Costco and pick up a “half sheet” pan. These are shallow aluminium pans that measure about 13”x18” that you can use to bake, well, almost everything.

Generally, I use them to roast things that I don’t really want to use a roasting pan for. I have a bad relationship with roasting pans, and like dutch ovens or these shallow pans instead. They are particularly good for potatoes (toss the potatoes in olive oil, garlic, herbs, salt and pepper, toss them on the pan and into the oven for 40 minutes). They are also great for making that one guilty prepared food pleasure that no one should be without: tater tots.

I think I also used mine to do that oven poached salmon… and it would work equally well for oven roasted salmon. Basically, if you aren’t roasting it in a pot or a pan, put it on one of these things and throw it in the oven. Apply the consumer rule and buy six, so you never run out.