Posted on June 15, 2013 by psu

Hello. Mutable States is my new web site about my general state of mind. It’s also a way to troll certain people who are enamored of programming models that have no mutable state, but that’s for another time.

There is nothing particularly exciting or novel about this site, or really anything that needs something as pretentious as an “introduction” page. But I’m throwing one in here anyway if for no other reason than to delimit the older content from the new content.

The older content comes from things that I wrote at two previous web sites that you will not have heard of. First, the long running mostly dual- but sometimes multi-authored weblog tleaves. Pete and I spent several years ranting and raving about various things there.

A second set of older content comes from a blogger site that I set up to journal my recent descent into astrophotography addiction. This was called A Telescope in the City, a title that I still like. Once I get the content here I might make a second site to keep that name around. I’m not sure.

The new content here will be much like the old. When I have things on my mind I’ll write them down here.

Why make a new place for this? First, my web hosting has more disk space now. Second, I’ve decided I like to write in a text editor rather than in some awful text area in an online publishing page. Third, this Pelican software that I decided to use lets me make a static copy of the site on my laptop that I can also push up to the Interwebs at large.

Another nice side effect of the site being static is that there will be no comments. If you know me, you can send me e-mail or a message on various social networking sites. If you don’t know me it’s no big loss.

Update 2021: The current version of the site has been converted to use the hakyll content engine, which is implemented in Haskell. This is the nerdiest thing I’ve done in ten years.