Election 2020

Posted on October 11, 2020 by psu

It’s a testament to how much of a clusterfuck that last 18 months have been that our usual complete and utter psychological fatigue over another election cycle coming to an end is pretty much completely in the background by comparison.

I am generally not one to engage in hyperbolic claims that this year was the worst of all possible years. And this year is no different. There are a thousand ways right now that everything could be worse. This is especially true for me personally. I worry a lot about a lot of other people, but I’m mostly just fine.

But this isn’t about me. Fuck me. What do I matter? What this is about is how in the past few years the national government (and some locals too) has reached a new low in its respect for established norms of political, personal, and especially intellectual behavior.

Four years ago there were a lot of people shrugging their shoulders and saying “how bad could it be?” and then craning their necks 270 degrees so that they could manage to look at “both sides” ask “aren’t they are all the same anyway?”. I think our recent experience provides clear and depressing answers to both of those questions.

The higher offices of our government are filled with people who we would fail out of the second grade for both not knowing the answers and acting out like selfish little children whenever anything goes against them. Except they are not children. They are just stupid and selfish little assholes. And, I think we all know whose fault that is.

Fuck Trump. Vote him out please.