Distinguished Peters

Posted on July 13, 2006 by psu

Note: This is a post from the old tleaves site written by both me and my old buddy Pete (peterb). I have copied the post here to clean up the formatting a bit. I made one other small change to address reader complaints. People complained at the time that the order of psu and peterb changed around apparently at random. So in this version I made it consistent except for the very last one, which only works in that order.

Recently we have become aware that some readers of the blog have difficulty telling the two Petes, psu and peterb, apart. Here’s a handy reference guide for when you have trouble.

psu: Wannabe French poseur.
peterb: Wannabe Italian poseur.

psu: Pokes fun at peterb.
peterb: Pokes fun at himself.

psu: Buys too many videogames and then doesn’t play them.
peterb: Buys too many videogames, installs them, and then doesn’t play them.

psu: Thinks Cory Doctorow is an insufferable prick.
peterb: Thinks Xeni Jardin is an insufferable prick.

psu: Prefers to buy and not actually play Japanese RPGs.
peterb: Prefers to buy and not actually play Western RPGs.

psu: Enjoys the Tour de France, thinks F1 is stupid after the first five minutes.
peterb: Enjoys F1, thinks the Tour de France is stupid until the last five minutes.

psu: Subscribes to NetFlix, but never watches any of the movies.
peterb: Can’t subscribe to NetFlix because he’s too cheap.

psu: Thinks peterb’s Canon DSLR has lower noise and better JPEGs than his Nikon.
peterb: Thinks psu’s Nikon DSLR doesn’t sound silly like his Canon.

psu: Likes Chinese food because he is Chinese.
peterb: Likes Chinese food because he is Jewish.

peterb: Dislikes exercise and the outdoors.
psu: Dislikes exercise and the outdoors, but feels guilty about it.